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    More and more authors are finding success in self-publishing—instantly getting their title ‘out there’. I can help by laying out your words and wrapping them in a beautiful cover, and for those unfamiliar or nervous about self-publishing, I can walk you through the process of generating an ISBN and uploading onto the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

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    If your manuscript is in long-hand or on audio, let me key it in for you. We can then work together to edit it, before finally setting it out ready for publishing.

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    plain text

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    image placement (image-ready)


    image placement (with edits)


    picture/children's book





    design for print


    design for e-book


    (extra charges may be incurred for image sourcing/licensing)


    from handwritten/audio manuscripts

    £0.01p per word

    2021 Still Together: Another Anthology of Shorts

    2020 has been a long year and now we must look with hope to 2021. We hope for a vaccine that can return the world to normal. We hope for an economy that will heal quickly, avoiding the painful recession that has been forecast. We hope for people to continue to develop the sense of togetherness that has appeared this year. 2021 Still Together is an anthology to follow on from 2020 Together. This second anthology reflects the community spirit of 2020, where writers, artists and photographers, who like you, want to continue to help our Covid-19 heroes. 100% of profits from sales of this book will continue to go to NHS Charities Together. 


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    2020 Together: An Anthology of Shorts

    2020 may one day be considered the year that didn’t happen. This anthology is to help us remember that 2020 did happen and to provide everyone with an opportunity to help, and to make a difference. For your pleasure, and to help the vital work of the NHS during this pandemic, the writers, artists, photographers and editors, have freely given up their time, and snippets of their work that they have continued to create during this global challenge. 100% of the profits from sales of this book will go to NHS Charities Together for the Covid-19 Urgent Appeal. The contributors all work in different genres and, although there is no particular theme, the underlying topic is about the effects of Lockdown. 

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    Generations examines the generation gap with all the privileges and challenges, differences and similarities of every age. It asks us to think about generational labels and why their individual definitions matter. With contributions from teenagers through to the more mature, our contributors look at society, money, sex, politics and underwear! 

    Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer. Someone develops it every three minutes and there’s currently no cure. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Society.

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    The Gift

    In order to celebrate the 50th year of The Open University bringing us the gift of education, the creative writing society, Write Club, has collected together work on the theme of Gifts from some of our talented members to mark the occasion. Inside you will find poems, pictures and stories that feature gifts in all guises. Gifts show up here quite literally with pieces about Christmas and birthdays, more tangentially with birth or the end of life, or can be something more esoteric like friendship, freedom, love, and kindness. Whatever you think the Gift means, you will probably find it reflected in one or more of the beautiful pieces within. Our aim is that this anthology will raise both awareness and funds for OUSET, the Open University Students Educational Trust, which does much needed work to help support OU students in times of financial need.

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    The Other Side of the Fence: Real Social Housing Tenants

    coming soon to paperback on Amazon

    Alison Drury