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    Book Typesetting

    Send me your word count, title, genre and brief synopsis so I can get a feel for the content. Include any preference to font type and size if you have one, and how you’d like the chapter headings to appear. I will then take your Word manuscript and create a professionally laid out book that showcases your hard work. You don’t need to worry about formatting. I just need you to mark-up page/chapter/part breaks, and annotations of where you want any images placed. I will ask you to send separate files containing all the images/illustrations, and details for other elements, such as the front piece, biography etc. Full details of requirements on Helpsheet.

    Download Helpsheet here

    Cover Design

    Send me your preferred finished book size, title, genre, blurb for the back, ISBN (if you have one) and any imagery you want to use or some examples of other styles you like. Bear in mind print on demand (POD) limitations. Full details of requirements on Helpsheet.

    Download Helpsheet here


    I can take your rough hand-drawn sketches (scan or photo or ‘snail-mail’) or your ideas outlined in Word or PowerPoint. Drop me an email or give me a call to discuss your requirements in full and I can give you a more tailored price. I will then liaise with you to receive logos, brand guidelines etc to manage the job through to completion.

    Alison Drury