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    “Alison has been an outstanding support to our university community and went above and beyond expectations when she arranged all of the promotional material for a weekend conference we had to attend to promote our society. She delivered a range of designs and products for our giveaways, like excellent notebooks, pens and fridge magnets, she arranged for all of the team to coordinate the look of the stand with posters, T-shirts and bunting. And she delivered on supporting the team over the course of the weekend, which really helped raise our profile.

    She did a similar thing at the last in-person Fresher’s event at the university. Helping to ensure that our overall brand was on target and ensuring an attractive space to encourage sign-ups. And our membership has grown immensely because of her efforts.

    There is also the small matter of the editorial side of things with our quarterly newsletter and magazines. As our Creative Director Alison takes full responsibility for ensuring the overall editing and layout works with our brand, aligning pieces of work from dozens of contributors in every issue all look perfect. She truly is amazing, and we couldn’t have grown to be the success that we are without her support.”

    Cin McGuigan, Chair of Write Club, Open University.


    “Alison’s magic is what made the 2020 Together, and 2021 Still Together, anthologies for NHS Charities Together come to life. It was her beautiful covers that made them stand out on the Amazon bookshelf and beg to be opened. And she created the perfect logo for Tawny Owl Publishing. Her work is beautifully simple, and simply beautiful.”

    Tracy Hutchinson, Tawny Owl Publishing


    Since joining Write Club Committee in 2018 Alison has taken the magazine from an amateur design to a polished and professional publication. Alison’s designs have also been used across various pieces of merchandise.

    Write Club launched their anthology series in 2018 and it was here that Alison brought her design skills and instinct for knowing what the editors wanted but didn’t know how to articulate into reality. Alison has designed the layout thingi for Generations, and for the outstanding and most successful books to-date, 2020 Together and 2021 Still Together, where Alison was truly able to shine.

    Adele Sullivan, Write Club, Open University


    Alison Drury